Star Fires is the leading distributor of fireplaces and stoves here in Malta, and this pioneering company offers the largest selection of fireplaces on the island. Star Fires is partnered with some of Europe’s leading fireplace brands, offering the most efficient and stylish fireplace and stove solutions to Maltese homes.

Star Fires’ products range from traditional stone-built woodburning fireplaces and stoves to flued and flueless gas fireplaces, wall fireplace inserts, ultra-modern and extreme fireplaces, barbecues, indoor and outdoor ovens, an innovative range of bioethanol fireboxes and fireplaces, as well as a range of building materials, chimney pots, tubing and stainless steel piping.

Star Fires also provides custom-built fireplace solutions, and each client is given a personalised service and fireplace solution based on their unique vision. Star Fires consults with its clients to provide the safest and most efficient fire solution, carry out inspection visits, and take care of all deliveries and installations.


Star Fires years of expertise in the fireplace industry in Malta is evident in the quality of its products and their service. Star Fires not only sell fireplaces, it sells innovations. Every product is chosen for its supreme quality, whilst constantly maintaining strict EU standards.