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Built-in Fireplace C


If you are looking to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of a warm fireplace, a built-in bioethanol fireplace is the perfect choice for you. Install it in your living room, in the kitchen, in the dinning room, even in the bathroom - ebios -fire  built- in models are fireplaces for ''anywhere''

Bioethanol, a fuel made from renewable resources, burns completely without ash or smoke. This opens up options for diverse room design that would be impossible with a conventional fireplace.


Brand : ebios fire

Model : Built-in Fireplace C

Dimensions(mm) : 848/691/451

Materials : Steel, Black glass, insulation materials 

Weight : 73.0 kg

Burner type : Wick burner

Fire line : 500mm

Filling capacity : Wick burner 2.6 ltr

Minimum room volume :84 m3

Minimum room area : 34 m2

burning duration : up to 5 hours

Made in Germany

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