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With its typical sleek, Belgian design , The SAEY Gustav 9 kW wood burning stove gives a unique twist to the traditional high quality , all cast iron look and feel. And yet this stove contains the well known SAEY innovations that add so much to its performance : SNORKEL technology for an outside air connection, Airwash and the practical ash pan.

The Gustav can produce up to 13 kW of room heat, can be refuelled from the side door to reduce emissions in to the room and comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. There is no doubt that with SAEY Gustav you bring home the most surprising and yet the most complete classic.


Brand : Saey

Model : Wood

Dimensions : 625-740-465 mm 

Power : 9 kW

Efficiency : 81%

Flue outlet : 150mm

Flue oulet position : Top, Behind

Logs : 50 cm

External air inlet : 100 mm

Weight : 188 kg

Colour : Anthracite, Grey, Glossy enamelled 



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