Nadia fireplace insert some advantages of traditional fireplaces inserts suitable for continuous burning. The modern design meets the current trends in interior design. The fireplace insert is specially designed for the installation of heat cumulation discs. Two piece cast iron exhaust pipe, movable in the range of 360. The chimney body and the chimney front are made of high temperature boiler steel. Acumotte deflector extends the path of exhaust gases and ensures a clean combustion. The fireplace door has a contemporary sliding handle .


Brand : Kratki

Model : Nadia/10

Rated output (kW) : 10

Heating power range(kW) :5.0 - 12.5

Material : Steel

Heating efficiency(%) : 80 

Fuel : Wood

Exhaust gas temperature : 255

Max length of logs(cm) : 35

Exhaust outlet diameter(mm) : 200

Flue : Top

Dimensions(cm) : H121.1 - W68.4 - D41.8

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