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Tall, slim and effortlessly stylish, Argos makes a beautiful addition to any space. Everything about Argos makes an impact, its design using bold lines and elegant edges to their full potential. Thanks to clever post-combustion technology, a single fuel load can keep Argos burning for up to 10 hours, making nights by the fire luxuriously long.


Brand : Invicta

Optimal power : 12 kW

Power modulation : 8 to 18 kW

Heat volume : 160 to 360 m2

Heating surface : 65 to 145 m2

Ecolabel : A

Energy efficiency : 0.6

Maximum length of the logs : 40 cm

Load : Front 

Smoke exhaust : Top

Diameter of nozzle : 180 mm

Dimensions : H1220 - L532 - D444 mm

Material : Cast iron

Colours : Anthracite 


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