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Passo xs

Passo XS has a popular cylindrical shape that is tailor-made for modern homes. With its dramatic curved viewing window and choice of 5 colours finishes , It provides everything you need from todays most advanced stoves. Practical as well as beautiful , It has an easy to remove ash drawer at the back and an impressive 5 kW heat output.


Brand : Spartherm

Nominal heat output : 5.0 kW

Thermal output range : 4.5-6.5 kW

Efficiency : 80%

Door frame height : 534 mm

Door frame width : 448mm

Total height : 1142 mm

Flue pipe diameter : 150 mm

Energy efficiency class : A+

Colours : Nero, Titan, Pearl, White, Steel, Turquoise, Light gray, Magnolia, Nickel, Rust brown metallic.





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