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Sino L

Sino L is a Swedish-style 2-tone wood stove with black and sandstone or soapstone finishes. It has following design with a curved rectangular viewing window and a log storage space at the base. And with a generous heat output of 7 kW and energy efficiency of 78%, it combines Scandinavian design with inexpensive operation.


Brand : Spartherm

Energy efficiency class : A

Fire view : Front

Combustion system : Combustion air from living area

Colours : Nero, Soap stone, Sand -stone, Titan

Material : Steel 

Output net min(kW) :4.9

Output net max(kW) : 9.1

Max log length(cm) : 33

Efficiency(%) : 78.0

CO emission : 0.1

NOx emission : 107

Built in depth(mm) : 505

Fire view width(mm) : 330

Fire view height(mm) : 350

Flue : Top, Rear

Flue(mm) : 150


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